Monday, May 9, 2011

Collecting Sea Glass for Sea Glass Jewely

In order to make sea glass Jewelry, my sister Shirley, and I have to collect the sea glass. Makes sense, right? We do not order sea glass from sellers on ebay or other sites because we use only surf tumbles glass not glass created in a tumbler. We hand pick the glass from beaches that range from Oregon coast all the way down to the beaches of Mexico. Mazatlan is one of our favorite beaches in Mexico like in the shot below.

You're probably thinking that beach looks pretty bare. You're right. At the time this photo was taken the tide was coming in and all the rock spots where we might find sea glass were covered with water. Low tide is the best time to look for sea glass as you walk along the beach. Sometimes, you will find sea glass higher on the beach, but not as often. The winds and tides play an important role in whether you will be successful in your search for sea glass. We love to beachcomb after a storm at low tide. We check tide tables and usually go on the hunt during the low tides on a normal day. Not every beach will have sea glass or at least not all the time. Again, tides and times of year and also the underwater terrain of a beach will determine what is thrown up on any given beach. For example, a beach that is like a cove and sheltered by a reef might not have any sea glass as nothing gets past the reef. Also there are beaches in California where the city cleans the beaches everyday with machines. The machines are like giant vaccum cleaners and they scoop up everything including sea glass.
This shot of Steve and our dog Dylan was taken at the Salton Sea. Great expanse of sandy beach, but no sea glass as this beach was created by the sea becoming trapped inland. You can read more about the Salton Sea at
Really an interesting place to visit - just no sea glass.

One of the best beaches, I've ever been to for finding sea glass is in Fort Bragg - the glass beach. Years ago, people dumped their trash into the ocean and over the years the glass tumbled in the surf eventually depositing on stretches of Fort Bragg beaches. To learn more about Fort Bragg and glass beach you can go to or you might want to go to Captain Cass's website as he is the local authority on glass beach
There will be a sea glass festival this year at Capt. Cass's sea glass museum May 27-28. And we'll be there too as well as other sea glass jewelers and vendors.

If you want a listing of good sea glass hunting beaches you can visit This is a fun site where collectors show off their sea glass treasures and discuss the "ins and outs" of collecting. You don't have to be a member to peruse their web pages. And there is also the North American Sea Glass Association where you will find excellent material on sea glass. (When we first started doing our sea glass jewelry, I was so surprised to find the NASeaglassAssociation - who knew collecting was so big!)

Collecting sea glass is fun. You don't have to make sea glass jewelry to collect sea glass, you can display it in a bowl or create a display with the glass like I did with this candle holder.

So the next time you go to the beach look for sea glass and collect some Mermaid Tears. To see some of our sea glass jewelry pieces please visit our Etsy shop at or you can visit us on Facebook at!/pages/Sisters-Jewelry-Design/328818121698

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