Sunday, November 20, 2011

Santa Cruz Sea Glass Festival 2011

Krista Hammond's Booth Santa Cruz Sea Glass

Krista Hammond's collection of Sea Glass

The first weekend of November 2011, found Steve and I heading up to Santa Cruz, California, for the Santa Cruz Sea Glass Festival hosted by Krista Hammond at the Cocoanut Grove on the boardwalk.  This would be our second time attending the festival.  We were excited and the long drive didn't really bother us.  After checking into our hotel, we headed to the Cocoanut Grove - .  

At the Grove, we found our space and quickly set up displays.  We would keep the jewelry with us and set it the following morning.  We strolled the room and met up with some other sea glass artists that we'd met at other shows like Joan the Surfer and Don The Beachcomber.  Here's a picture of Joan setting up their booth.

Joan setting up Don The Beachcomber Booth

Joan is a really fun person and I'd met her up at the Fort Bragg Festival earlier in the year.  At Santa Cruz she gave me a sea glass marble which I cherish as I've yet to find one myself.  

The next morning we arrived early and started laying out our sea glass jewelry.  The room was a buzz with artists setting up.  Here are a few pictures of vendors getting ready for the day.

Beach Glass Bingo Artists 

Lewis Jewelry

Kira and a friend

Kira and Gary Ruvo have been sea glass friends for awhile and we love seeing them.  You can find Gary's work at    Gary is a very talented silversmith and both Steve and I are in awe of his work.   Kira is a talented graphic artist and sea glass beachcomber.  She has found wonderful sea glass including vaseline glass which you use a black light to see the colors.  This year, Kira created a beachcombing kit which sold well.  She also had her sea glass puzzles which are really fun.  

There were 35 amazing sea glass artists at the festival this year.  And here are a few pictures of some of the artists with their displays -

Joyce of Jewelry By Joyce Chadderdon
Victoria Roberts' Angels

We met Victoria up in Fort Bragg earlier in the year.  I love her sea glass angels.  So pretty.  You can find Victoria's creations on Etsy.  

On one side of our booth was Mary Jessen who sold handmade soaps.  We talked a lot between customers and I found out that she owns her own farm and raises many of the herbs and flowers used in her soaps.  Here is a link to Mary's site where she sells her soaps, and much more - .  
Victoria Roberts at Mary's booth

Now for a few shots of our booth - Sisters Jewelry Design -

Earring Board and necklaces

The other side of booth with pendants and necklaces

Closeup of Shirley's Crochet Necklaces

It was a fun weekend.  We sold a lot of sea glass jewelry, saw some old friends and made some new ones.  We had planned to eat out every night with some other sea glass vendors, but both Friday and Saturday nights everyone, including us, were too tired to make a party.  Krista Hammond who put on the festival treated everyone to appetizers on Saturday night which everyone enjoyed.  Steve and I ended up alone for dinner all weekend, but hey, that was good too.  Twice we ate at the FireFish Restaurant on the pier.  The seafood was excellent - try them if you are in Santa Cruz -    Monday, we were back on the road heading to Palm Springs.  

Next we decide to create a web page of our own.  Will we hire someone?  Or try to create a website on our own?  Come back to find out what we learn and what we do.  

Click on side with pictures of our sea glass to go to our Etsy website.