Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cathedral City Art Festival Continues

The art festival was organized by Dave Stanfield, whose studio, D &R Photography is located a few stores from where the festival was presented. Dave specializes in digital photography and computer-generated graphic art. He worked tirelessly to put on the festival. During the day, he had snacks for artists and the first night, he put on a buffet for all the participants. During the dinner, awards were given to the fine art artists. The festival was a success due to Dave's awesome organizing and promotional skills. Yeah, Dave.!

The Artist on the left is Dave Calver and his wonderful work has appeared in magazines from Esquire to Newsweek. His work has a fun, whimsical quality to it that I liked very much like the Buddhist monk playing golf.

This is a photo of Stephen H. Dean working on a clay sculpture that was commissioned by a restaurant in Alaska. The saloon girl will be cast in bronze, according to Stephen. He is from Alaska but has moved with his wife, Cynthia, to the desert and is in the process of getting established here. He is a remarkable sculptor and has over 30 years of experience. Currently, he is focusing on stone sculpture. You can reach him at eathblings@gmail.com

A photo of Dean's work in wood of the face of Jesus.

Another sculptor who works exclusively in wood is Robert E. Reeves. He is a contemporary
sculptor and creates functional art like fabulous wooden chairs that are so different and so modern. I love his chairs. Wow. All of his work is beautiful and you can imagine the hours of work making each piece. You can see more of his work at http://www.robertereeves.com/

Directly in front of our jewelry tables, Sharon Roberts showed her photographic note cards and pictures. Sharon is a great nature photographer and she travels around the country finding interesting shot of everything from beaches to sunsets. You can reach Sharon to buy her cards and photos at http://www.sharonrobertsonphotography.com/ . Her work is wonderful and her prices are really reasonable. I bought a card photo of Ruby Beach, Washington and one of the desert with palm trees and clouds reflected in the water - so lovely.

William Webster, an artist, who paints not only paintings, but paints on jeans and coveralls was also there. You can see hios work at http://www.williamwebster.info/

I met a lot of artists and a lot of nice people who came to the show. One woman in particular, I'd like to mention is Marian M. Smith of Malcolm Mousekowitz - clothing and accessories for infants and toddlers. Her work is fantastic. Beautiful clothes for beautiful babies - check out her site at http://www.malcolmfortots.com/

I had thought I'd taken a photo of every exhibiting artist, but I didn't and I'm sorry to leave out anyone. Next, time, I'll be more organized. I was trying to take pictures and sell our jewelry so I was a little like a spinning top. For us, the festival was a total success and we'd do it again in a minute. You can see our jewelry at http://sistersjewelrydesign.etsy.com/

Authentic sea glass - surf tumbled and found in Mazatlan, Mexico. Oh, I forgot to include friends who supported us at the show - some I have pictures of and some I don't. Oops. Ann and John Mitchell came by and Ann bought a pendant. Thanks Ann!

Here's a picture of our friend George pointing out some art work - goofing around really. Bob Rahm in the gray tee shirt goofs with Rich Kerlin who is trying on earrings as a prank. Thanks guys for coming to the show.
Now we are busy making jewelry and planning our trip to Oregon where we will do two shows. Can't wait. Next - some notes on jewelry making - or the fun and frustration of jewelry making or ........

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