Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Very Beginning - Neskowin Beach

I am starting this blog to promote Sisters Jewelry Design, a new company devoted to creating and selling sea glass jewelry and other natural pieces. Currently, we are selling our jewelry on Etsy and you can find us at -

My sister Shirley and I created the company this year when we were in Mazatlan at her beachside condo.

A view of the Mazatlan Beach from the condo.

We'd picked up some lovely pieces of sea glass and we got to talking about how pretty it was and one thing led to another. Before we realized it, we were looking into where to buy silver, how to wrap pieces of glass, how could we drill the sea glass and on and on. The company was born and we've been busy doing and learning ever since.

Shirley's copper wrapped sea glass with pearls.

I think our love of the beach and sea glass began when we were children. My parents would pack us up and take us to Neskowin Beach where we'd tent and later trailer in the campgrounds at Neskowin. Neskowin is a small, sleepy vacation community about 90 miles from Portland, Oregon. It has a large beach where there is a creek, Slab Creek, that empties into the Pacific Ocean. This creek also divides the beach into north beach and south beach. Just offshore is a tree-lined basalt sea-stack known as Proposal Rock. To us as kids, it was a pirate island, a forbidden island, strange and mysterious and at times scary.

This is an old black and white photo of Proposal
Rock at Neskowin Beach.

A modern view from what was once the campground out to the beach. You can see South beach in this shot. You can see that inlet of water that rises and ebbs with the tide. It once was the perfect swimming hole for young children as it wasn't very deep. Our parents would let all go down to beach and swim in Slab Creek as long as we didn't go out to the ocean alone. It was here on these wide sandy beaches of our childhood summers that my sister Shirley and I began our love affair with beachcombing. Long days on the beach yielded many treasures - sea shells, glass floats, driftwood in shapes of animals, interesting rocks and of course the lovely sea glass that looked liked jewels from a sunken treasure. And now we are making our own jewels -

Sea Glass Stack
Earrings -
More to come about Neskowin Beach in the next post.

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